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Peng penglai Beijing new building materials co., LTD., located in the jiaodong peninsula bohai bay,Known as“Fairyland”Known as the beautiful coastal city-Penglai。The company was founded in2002Years,Covers an area of15000Square meters,The construction area6000Square meters,R&d personnel20More than one,Production staff80More than one,Annual output value5000Ten thousand yuan。


Companies adhering to the years of professional background,Steady development,Become a company with research and development、Production、Set sales in the integration of modern high-tech building materials enterprises。The company's“Jas”Brand multi-color annual production capacity of water10000Tons,Annual production capacity is really stone paint50000Tons,Annual production capacity of emulsioni paint10000Tons、Annual production capacity of thermal insulation mortar120000Tons、Leads the industry in shandong province。


Human calling green,Makes every effort to reduce pollution,To save energy,The company will with high quality、Health、The products of environmental protection,Preferential price,To win customers trust,To improve the corporate image,Let us to join hands in creating a better today,Side by side reengineering brilliant tomorrow......


The paint coating industry development trend
A paint coating industry development trend;Become a mainstream development environmental protection product  Environmental protection become the mainstream for the development of coating industry,Energy conservation and emissions reduction、Low carbon environmental protection by the government and the people more and more attention。As aVOCEmissions serious solvent coatings,The first is to solve the pollution problem。The development of green products will become a main developing trend of the coatings industry,Green road of solvent-based coating has been imperative。  Production without solvent、Is to reduce the environmental pollution of waterborne coatings、Important way to realize environmental friendly。Waterborne coatings industry will comprehensively promote coatings,Raise high solid alkyd coatings20%,And the performance of the countries
Beijing new building materials equipment upgrade is complete Capacity to implement qualitative leap
Bao jianfeng from sharpen up,The plum blossom incense from the experience!After six days of tense equipment upgrade installation debugging,Beijing peng new building materials co., LTD formally put into production again today,The equipment upgrades and 20 tons per company、Five tons、2 tons each one really stone paint full automatic production equipment,Five tons of pulp automatic production equipment,Can really stone paint, nissan can reach after the equipment upgrades100Tons,The biggest single pot nissan can60Tons,Can guarantee15000Square meter facade construction at the same time and do not produce off color。As a leader in the development of coating industry in shandong,Beijing peng has been adhering to the new building materials“Good faith for this,Quality first”The principle of service

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