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Select your new plan quickly 3Kinds of products 6A solution configuration The transition easily create future home decorate

Minimalist versionUrban version of the massesEcological luxury version

    1080-The standard version

    A simple but not drab,Natural and pure and fresh。Simple but elegant white tone let a space look more clear;Floor choice based on nature,Furniture of form a complete set to receive and strong practicability,Suitable for mobile and disassembly, and other functions,Style style is simple and not multifarious。

    Optional Choose the


    1080-Customized version

    Close to nature,Full of the breath of life;Wall emulsioni paint is concise and lively,Main body colour is given priority to with soft romantic color,Furniture is much by white ivory white is given priority to, etc,With a cloth art designs,Cotton、Hemp cloth art the natural texture of the finished product,More reflects the rural characteristics。

    Optional Choose the


    1380-The standard version

    Home ah,It is better to live,This is simple and complex thing。1380-AIn order to become a practical home,Attaches great importance to the space layout,Respect the material characteristics,The proportion of weakening decoration,To strengthen the adornment,Simple line,Tonal clean,Can be soft and refined,Can be flexible, powerful,Provide more leeway for furniture and accessories。

    Optional Choose the


    1380-Customized version

    Stand the noisy city,Tripping the gaudy envelops,The pursuit of life interesting blindly。1380-BWith advanced grey slants cold tonal,Create a chic and elegant living environment。Pay attention to streamline the layout and function partition as a whole,Administrative levels feeling of the space and decoration,Release the space sense of tolerance,Create a lively family。

    Optional Choose the


    1680-Ecological version

    When the experience arrived in a certain state,He corners of the mouth a little smile,At the foot of the steps is sedate,On the choice of things more intelligent。He knows what he wants,N7-AKnow what he wants。The layout of the seemingly casual,All in a story of years,The original wood color and white color tone,Do not make public,Do not deliberately。This is a home,Like a person, too。

    Optional Choose the


    1680-Light luxury version

    Home is like dreaming。In the dream,There is a girl,She likes romantic Paris,Like blue fantasy。N7-BIs a dream maker,The dream into reality,In blue and beige color,Collocation of French small lines,As a whole have administrative levels feeling and do not lose feminine,A thick French inadvertently reveal little emotional appeal,Sweet。

    Optional Choose the


No secondary decoration ready products The contents of the package, Cover the diverse needs of customers,Only in order to ensure the real time And effort Worry

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6Big gold guarantee, Spirit of originality Layers of breakthrough, Our every step of the way,Only for you a yearning for home

Simple and convenient production decorate plan

Designers select home outfit design template+Personalization of one-to-one decorate a design,More simple and convenient choice。

100%Big material factory direct supply

The country's first get through all channels of first-line brand,Straight in the supply chain,Manufacturer directly supply,100%Quality assurance。

118The engineering process

10Years of industry experience,100+Large projects to precipitate,65Suboptimization modification,The output118The exquisite craft。

50Tripartite acceptance criteria

50Greentown acceptance standard,The construction、Supervision、The product installation standard reference books,According to according to。

24Hours WeChat site communication

Decorate a housekeeper type service。Decorate progress at any time,Communication anytime and anywhere。

2Hour speed response

5In super long quality guarantee,2Hour speed after-sales,7*12Consulting services。More efficient to solve your needs。

No secondary decoration of decoration as a whole 0Add item、10There is no limit、The most reasonable package

  • Package of integral ambry in the kitchen

  • Package as a whole wardrobe

  • Pack the kitchen sink and faucet

  • Unlimited number of interior

  • Whole house integration ceiling

  • Package the whole toilet system

  • The TV setting wall

  • Whole house wallpaper

Decorate partners No dead Angle cover throughout the country, Integration of the country's top brands

The top brand ceramic tile
The top brand ambry
The top brand ceiling
The top brand wardrobe
China's top ten sanitary ware brand
The first Chinese to aldehyde floor
China's first brand wallpaper
The first lighting brand
The first switch brand around the world
The world's first brand oven
The top brand door lock
The top brand wooden door
The top brand paint
The top brand elv
The top brand waterproof
European brand high-end plumbing
The first lighting brand
The national brand high-end wire

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