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Fine decoration,Starts from the elements

Human nature、Art is changed、Intelligent、Combination of commercialization

Mental space-Decorate a design more intimately

  • Associated with the operation and management,Let a space more practical
  • Spatial orientation,Intelligent design,Layout more human
  • Human body engineering design,Let a space design more comfortable decorate
  • Neat draw a streamline design,Team work more efficient

Precision engineering-Keep time with good quality

  • Material management,Brand purchasing,Green environmental protection
  • Control material standards,Put an end to cut corners
  • Quality management,Systematic management,The acceptance standards of the state
  • Signing construction group,According to the agreed time to finish

Heart service-Comprehensive service more worry

  • Simplify the process,The service response more quickly
  • The location/Design/The construction/Soft outfit matching one-stop service
  • One to one service,The service is more accurate
  • Instant response,A quick fix,Worry-free after-sale more at ease

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Services to customers,Thousands of enterprises preferred brand

Use action to defend the customer trust,More than1000The choice of brand companies

Successful cases,Create the perfect space

To the prestige wins respect,To the quality strives for the development

More and more casesThe latest contract

Elements team,Considerate service

Active service,Beyond expectation,Afraid of being asked,They were afraid to no requirement

Seven years,Grateful for you

Seven years of concentration,Create the perfect space for you,Importance,Strive for perfection


Brief introductionBrief introduction

Sichuan element construction decoration engineering co., LTD,Was established2010Years,Is a national design and construction qualification,In domestic outfit、Tooling、 Wood production system、Household production and sales of residential design and construction of hardcover Service agencies。Company with“To become China's most valuable Housing hardcover overall solution provider”As the mission,Based on the integration of upstream and downstream industry chain、The integration of the integration of products and related services。At present,Decorated with covers an area of elements2Square meters of wood products production base,Large building materials stores display and circulation,With nearly a century Senior designer、200A number of professional engineering management and perfect service and management system,To construct a set of new three-dimensional interactive design、 Construction and form a complete set of hardbound whole service mode。

After elements decoration company7Years,We only focus on the ability of the space;Only for empty Between design again a little bit sweet,The engineering quality more assured,Give you a little more save worry;Give it to me Have a chance to show,Will bring you a surprise,It will not take you too Much of your time;Contact immediately (24Hours)Or through the following contact way。

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