Laiyang pear

Laiyang pear,Also called CiLi,Is a famous specialty in shandong province,China's four big name pear。Named after the deep from lai Yang city,And laiyang with laiyang pear,Is known as“Chinese pear township”。Laiyang pear wasCCTV4Such as CCTV station reported many times,Have been listed in the geographic marks of shandong brand,Chinese geographical indications registration name list。


Since the ancient times,Liyuan family CiLi picking fresh fruit,With pear wood to pay,Soft fire refined but become laiyang pear syrup,4 can be eaten,Cream nourishes the raw。Keats cream in the process of refined dispel the cold resistance of the laiyang pear,Cream flavor nucleotide and flat,Nourish the lung、Heat dryness、Yin nourishing blood、Antihypertensive effect and so on the haze,Four is suitable for all kinds of people。

Pear culture

In ancient times“Pears”There is“The ritual”And“Richard”The meaning of,“Goodness”There are RenXiao auspicious meaning。Laiyang pear is not only for hundreds of years on the pear township this breed's treasures,Is the Chinese nation mother and children、Hope will symbol of peace,More health CiXiao Chinese culture and the important symbol of culture,But CiXing filial piety、Chung li suntech's first choice。

The story

Laiyang kind cream production techniques non-material cultural heritage inheritance
In the month may
Laiyang kind cream in pear products occupies very important position,One of the most famous is the's cream,Its production techniques originated in the late Ming dynasty,It has been nearly four hundred years of history。After several generations of thinking over and over again、Practice,To master the unique to the family, after time boil cream technology,Can be20Jin pear into1Jin of cream,Without anxious burnt flavour,Boil the cream and smooth like candy,Pure taste,Pear fragrance pleasant embellish,Strong anomalies。
Lai Yang city kind cream production techniques represented by cream producer in the month may,The project has been listed in yantai city non-material cultural heritage list。
Seeps known founder of the garden in the month may take laiyang kind cream it process the burden of non-material cultural heritage inheritance,Studying refined technology,In inheriting the laiyang kind cream on the basis of traditional craft,The fusion of modern technology,Original nine refined nine filter process at low temperature,In the heart of the craftsmen to build“Paste zi more filling,Cream nourishes the raw”Theory of traditional Chinese medicine cream products。


Ooze known to laiyang pear garden culture promoted occupation as own duty,To advocate“CiXing filial piety Worship ceremony suntech”The cultural idea,Transmission of laiyang pear CiXiao culture,Inheriting the laiyang kind cream not boil skills,Protect the laiyang pear plant resources,Set up the laiyang pear syrup industry benchmarking。
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This know garden original nine refined nine filter process at low temperature,The intangible stewing craftsmanship and modern production technology and perfect combination。The whole sterile physical tests, Effectively retain natural protocatechuic acid composition and laiyang pear origin,No added、No impurities、No precipitation。
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  • +In one hundred, pear tree
  • Nine refined nine filter
  • 15Day is refined
  • +40°The baume degree above

Cream Zi Goldsmith Product

This garden stick to good pears boil cream,Selection of the core、More than one hundred pome,After15The day will be20Jin pear into1Jin of cream,Baume degree achieved40°The above,Paste a transparent amber colour,Clear and bright,Entrance to smooth like candy,Pear fragrance pleasant embellish,To paste zi。

Is how to get into a good bottle of cream

How to distinguish a good bottle of ligao

The raw materialmaterial

100%Laiyang CiLi,Optimal selection in one hundred The above pome,Cohesion can naturally Sufficient quantity,Ensure nutrition and taste


Inheriting intangible stewing craft refined nine filter to remove cold at low temperature,Keep nutrition origin,Can rest assured to drink cream every day

Quality quality

The entire WuJunHua line automatic filling,Triple fully monitor quality certification standards,Quality guaranteed

Appearance Appearance

No impurities,No precipitation,No added,Paste transparent,Such as color of amber,The entrance to the smooth,Pear fragrance pleasant embellish

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