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Centrifugal pump series
Chemical pump series
Self-priming pump series
Fire pump series
Submersible pump series
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Oil pump series
Coal chemical industry pump(Slag pumps、Methanol)
 Jiangsu yong pump industry co., LTD
 The phone:0523-84361680
 Jingjiang shrine xinfeng town jinqiu bamboo road6Number
  Wing on pump industry co., LTD. Specialized in coal chemical industry in jiangsu、Oil refineries、The oil、Chemical industry、Power plants、Water supply and drainage equipment research and development、Production、Manufacturing、The sale in a body comprehensive enterprise。The main products are:Coal chemical industry pump(Slag pumps)、Gasification methanol pump、Slurry pump、Submerged pump、Self-priming pump、Centrifugal pump、Multistage pump、The oil pump、Sewage pump、The anti-corrosion chemical pump、The fire(Life)Water supply and drainage pump……Products are widely used in oil、Chemical industry、Fertilizer、Metallurgy、Pharmaceutical、Electric power、Mining、Water supply and drainage and heating and other industries。Product best-selling domestic large and medium-sized enterprises,And is committed to develop the international market,Exported to the Middle East、Southeast Asia、Europe and the United States and other dozens of countries and regions,Widespread praise and trust of the customers,And wholeheartedly for the customer to provide satisfactory pre-sale、Sales and after-sales service。 ...[In more detail]

SHJCoal slag pumps、Methanol pump
SHJSeriesISGBType and vertical centrifugal pump
SHJSeriesSGPipeline pump
SHJSeriesIS、IRHorizontal type single-stage single-suction clean water centrifugal pump
S、SHType single-stage double-suction centrifugal water pump
ISWHorizontal pipeline centrifugal pump
ISGVertical pipeline centrifugal pump
Gear screw pump
Jiangsu yong pump industry co., LTD Address:Jingjiang shrine xinfeng town jinqiu bamboo road6Number The phone:0523-84361680 Fax:0523-84362800 QQ:2386582620 Technical support:Rednet (science and technology SueICPTo prepare11078419Number